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Woman found alive after doctors declare her dead

Patna: A woman in Patna, who was declared dead, came to life just minutes before her cremation.

The woman Sharda Devi is a living testimony to how medical negligence is blatant in the country.

Struggling for her life at Patna Medical College Hospital, she has just found a new life, literally.

Sharda, suffering from tuberculosis, was declared “dead by the same hospital three days back.

Her family took her back to her village, wrapped in white cloth to cremate. But as her family members started mourning over her body they found her eyes blinking.

Immediately she was rushed to the same hospital in Patna where she is recovering now.

“She was undergoing treatment in PMCH. But doctors told us that she is dead so we took her home. While taking photos of her dead body we heard her crying with pain,” said Sharda Devi’s son Ranjan Kumar.

Sharda Devi is under treatment now and doctors of Bihar’s flagship hospital PMCH are tightlipped about how a live person was packed off as dead by their own hospital.

Despite repeated efforts by CNN-IBN the hospital administration refused to comment on the issue.

“She is alive and we are treating her,” was all Dr. Mathura Prasad of the PMCH said.

Cases of such gross medical negligence only raise fingers at credentials of medical practitioners in our country.

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  1. So many fake ‘doctors’ thrive because they are better than many regular doctors- witness above news item

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