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Woman locked up for months without food or water

Kochi: Locked up for months inside her home with almost no food or water, a 24-year-old woman with maggots all over her sore infested body was found by police and rushed to a hospital.

The woman’s father, an employee of Cochin Port Trust (CPT) is alcoholic, while her mother is said to be mentally unsound and her only brother is a drug addict, police said.

Frail and weak, she was found by neighbours in a filthy stinking room two days ago. Maggots were crawling on her wounds and skinny body, they said.

The matter came to light when her brother asked a neighbour for a bottle of perfume to spray in the room in which his sister was locked up to remove the stench.

Suspicious neighbours peeped inside and were shocked to find the emaciated woman in a serious state.

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