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Femina Unveils Miss India 2010 contest Finalists

Femina Unveils Miss India 2010 contest Finalists

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  1. Coach Yourself for Miss India 2011
    (We coach pageant participants trying out for Miss India/ Mrs India/ Mr India/ Manhunt)
    Breaking News: 5 out of 18 Girls at Femina Miss India 2010 are groomed and trained by The Tiara Pageant Training Studio. Aeshra Patel, Nicole Alvares, Pearl Verma, Neha Hinge and Unnati Davara groomed and trained by The Tiara make it to Femina Miss India 2010. The Tiara Girls also won I am She (The Preliminary to Miss Universe)- – The Chosen One 2010 in Delhi and Kolkata. The Tiara congratulates Namita Shetty on Winning the “I Am She – The Chosen One” 2010 award in Delhi, Shruti Iyer for winning 1st Runner Up and Anugya Sudan for winning 2nd Runner Up. Now that’s what we call a triple whammy. Way to go girls!
    In Kolkata contestants from The Tiara took a bow again winning the coveted titles of I am She -The Chosen One and 2nd Runner Up. Devina Nisal was the winner and Sarvadnya Arjunwadkar was the 2nd Runner Up, bringing laurels to The Tiara Pageant Training Studio yet again.
    “If you can dream it, you can achieve it. I believe in encouraging young women and men to see the possibilities within themselves and have the confidence and persistence to reach for their goals.”
    Pageant Coach Ritika Ramtri of The Tiara
    Winning a beauty pageant requires that you are disciplined in every aspect of your life. You should consider the beauty pageant as if it were a marathon or an event that you were in training forgone of the most important steps that you can take to ensure that you win is to hire a beauty pageant coach. Studies have shown that the majority of beauty pageant winners have coaches. Coaches are privy to information regarding simple things that the judges are looking for. The pageant contestant may inadvertently ignore these simple things. For example, ensuring that you have the proper model stance can be the difference between first place and runner up. Most beauty pageant winners are the first to admit that their coaches played a vital role in their success.
    To be successful at any pageant, you must have the right attitude. You must be able to remain calm in a stressful situation. The keyword is you! miss india 2011, haywards mr india , mrs india 2011, Grasim, Megamodel , manhunt, modelling, beauty pageants, participation, coaching for 2011, grooming , training, miss india 2010,Femina.
    • Personalized Image coaching: Improve your look and appearance.
    • Nutrition and fitness assistance
    • Basic Runway skills–posture, walking, turns
    • Portfolio Assistance
    • Wardrobe and presentation: Discover how to act and dress for success.
    No previous modeling experience required.

    The Tiara,
    Tel: +919823156193 /+919860363403
    / http://thetiara.net/

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