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Preview of India’s Tallest Building

The battle in the real estate sector is literally hitting the skies. With cities growing vertically, skyscrapers are set to adorn the urban landscape in Indian cities. Mumbai takes the lead with a number of tall buildings.

And by 2014, India’s financial capital will have the world’s tallest residential building! Lodha Developers plans to build the world’s tallest residential tower at a cost of Rs 2,000 crore (Rs 20 billion) in central Mumbai.

The 1,450-feet (442 metre) WorldOne will come up at Worli on a 17-acre plot. The units would be priced between Rs 7.5-50 crore (Rs 75-500 million).

However, World One may become the second tallest residential building in the world if ‘The Pentominium’, a skyscraper under construction in Dubai, is completed by 2013 as per schedule. The residential tower funded by Trident International Holdings will be 516 metres (1,693 ft) tall.

At present, the tallest residential building is the 323-metre Q1 in Australia’s Gold Coast.


  1. Before they start on this monstrous building have they considered the following aspects?
    In case of fire how do you evacuate the building & how do you fight the fire? How do you prevent the fire? Have they considered the possibility that it could become a terrorist target like the World Trade Center? How about power and water requirements of the building?

  2. @S. S. Kere


    Man before you though of writing that comment have you considered the following facts?
    Burj Khalifa (Burj Dubai) is 828 m (2,717 ft) tall!
    It has a swimming pool on th 76th floor!

    PS: Isn’t the cost estimates too high for a project this scale? (being Ignorant.)

  3. its 2222222 exiting 2 see the top images i like that images

  4. In February 2010 there was a fire in Carlton Towers Bangalore, only eight stories high. Eight people perished in that fire, because all fire exits had been locked. Fire engines took over two hours to reach the location because of horrendous traffic. As we all know, city streets are extremely crowded, and few people obey traffic regulations. According to news half the high-rise buildings in New Delhi violate the fire code. Over 50 movie-goers died in the Uphaar theatre fire in Delhi some years ago. Given India’s pervasive corruption and abysmal record in enforcing the fire code in buildings, my question is – can India manage such high-rises safely?

  5. yes its right but the thought came to an enginear its superb..they had faced so many problems to construct this building..so first every one has to appriciate them..

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