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25,000 people to stop using Facebook from today

New Delhi: Nearly 25,000 Facebook users have committed to unplug themselves from the social networking site on Monday. The users are calling their movement to stop using Facebook planning a ‘digital suicide’. They are protesting against the website ignoring privacy issues and not being open about their policies.

Though 25,000 is a miniscule population of the over 450 million global users of Facebook, the Quit Facebook forum has created quite a buzz in the past few weeks.

The ‘quit Facebook day’ has been jointly started by Toronto duo – Joseph Dee and Matthew Milan. They plan to delete their Facebook accounts on May 31.

Dee and Milan launched QuitFacebookDay.com website May 12.

However, the ‘quit Facebook day’ has not been much of success in India. The 17 million Indian Facebook users are not really interested in joining the movement.

Facebook has acknowledged its mistake and will revise privacy settings from June onwards.

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