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Airtel Fair Usage Policy limiting unlimited plans

airteltn Airtel Fair Usage Plolicy – Broadband

Every Airtel Broadband user is now worrying about their new Fair Usage Policy. They are now limiting the usage of uploads and downloads for the users who are having more than 256 kbps unlimited plans. They kept a limit of 75 GB for 384 kbps plan and once it is reaches the speed will be reduced to 256 kbps till the next billing cycle. The limit for 512 kbps is 100 GB and after that the speed will be reduced to 256 kbps. And for 1 mbps users also the limit is 100 GB but the speed will be reduced to 512 kbps once it is reached. And the upload speeds of almost all plans are dropped by one fourth of their download speeds. Though many of the users do not need higher upload speeds, but some users who are having lots of data to upload are now looking for other alternatives.

Airtel is having very good reputation in Broadband market from the past few years for their reliable connections and speeds. All of a sudden, they changed their policies and introduced many limitations on their users. Users who got addicted to Airtel are now in dilemma thinking whether to stay with Airtel baring all limitations or go to any other alternative which many don’t know how their services would be. If any other one comes now with good plans and services, they will surely get huge number of users from Airtel.

And this Fair usage policy is not yet implemented in few areas, to check if its implemented in your area or not visit Airtel’s website.

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