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GeoCities will close later this year

GeoCities will close later this year

Yahoo GeoCities have decided to close its services later this year. They are not allowing new signups and the existing GeoCities customers can continue with their services till later this year until they close their services completely.

Yahoo have introduced many services to their users among which many of them did not succeeded well like Yahoo briefcase, videos and Geocities. There are many users having and using Geocities services as many other competitors came with better services and most of these Geocities customers moved to them. Now Yahoo is asking their Geocities customers to move to Yahoo award winning Web hosting services. Though Yahoo Web hosting is good for new webmasters whose sites consume very less memory, for serious webhosting most of the webmasters do not prefer Yahoo Webhosting because of their poor services once any site becomes more popular and consumes more memory. Yahoo seems to be more concentrating on revenue generating services than free services. They reported a net income of $118 million for the first quarter ended March 31, 2009, a decline of 78 per cent as compared with $537 million recorded for the first quarter of 2008.

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