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GMail’s New Feature : Undo send mail

imagesGMail’s New Feature : Undo send mail – Undo Send mail

Gmail introduces its new feature Undo Send mail !!! Yes now you can now undo your sent mail. Now you can stop getting embarrassed because of sending a mail too early or by writing some stupid things in your mail by undoing your sent mail. But right now you have to quick enough too to use this feature. You have to realise that you shouldn’t have send that mail within 5 seconds. If you click undo button within 5 seconds after sending send button, you can stop it from sending. These 5 seconds are enough for most of the users from not getting into embarrassing situations.

To enable this option go to settings in your Gmail and go to Labs tab. There look for Undo Send option and enable it.


How Undo Send Work ?

Gmail may keep the sent mail in buffer for few seconds. If it don’t get any cancel request from user, then it may further proceed to sending the mail. They may give more responding time also for undoing the send mail. But till then they cannot deliver the mail, and they have to keep it in pending status till that time arrives. If they give one day time within which you can undo the mail, then they have to wait for one day from sending the mail. It will obviously delays the mailing system. Then if you send a mail today, you can only expect your friend to get it the next day. Which is like sending a greeting card far before from the actual day by giving delivery date and time. So 5 seconds time is almost negligible which is also enough for most of the mail senders to realise immediately that they did a mistake in their mail and then stopping from sending.

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