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Google’s ‘biggest breach in the history of privacy’

London: Google has courted controversy once again with allegations of breach of privacy of Australian people while taking pictures for its Street View service.

The web giant has since apologised for the mistake while Australia has ordered a probe into the incident.

According to the BBC, Australian Attorney General Robert McClelland said there had been numerous complaints from the public and that police should investigate possible criminal breaches of the telecommunications privacy laws.

The possible offences occurred while Google vehicles, mounted with 360-degree cameras, gathered pictures for Street View, collecting private wireless data at the same time.

Google, the government said, had committed ‘probably the single biggest breach in the history of privacy’.

But there is talk that the Australian government’s hard-line stance on the issue may be a retributive as the move follows Google’s outspoken criticism of its plans for an internet filter blocking illegal material, saying it would slow down user speeds and filter legitimate content.

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