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Sending spam: America No. 1, India No. 2

New Delhi: India has retained its second position in originating spam, accounting for about 12.55 per cent of the global junk mails sent in July, even after reducing the number of mails sent, says a study.

Besides, the US has continued to maintain its first position as the king of Spam relaying nearly one-fourth of the world’s total junk mails and Brazil also continued to hold the third position with 12 per cent, the study by Trend Micro said.

Continuing the last two-month trend in July, the US, India and Brazil retained their positions as the top three spam-sending countries.

The report also noted that while India has posted a decline in numbers of mail sent, both the US and Brazil have witnessed an increase in their spam numbers during the month.

“User account information and credit card credentials reap good profits for cybercriminals.

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