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Sony stops manufacturing Floppy Disks

Finally Japanese giant Sony declares that they are no more producing Floppy Disk and closing the production unit from May 2010. Prior to this Moser Baer also discontinued the Floppy Disk production earlier in August 2009. This means it’s time to bid adieu Floppy Disk.

Started in 1971, with 8 inches in diameter, the floppy disk at that time had only a mere capacity of 80 KB and priced at $5. It was mainly commercialized by IBM, Memorex and Shugart Associates. With its modification by time the second avatar of floppy disk came with 5¼-inch diameter size with 113 KB memory introduced by Apple with Apple II format. The final and last form introduced in 1987 which was most successful of all was the 3.5 inches floppy disk with final memory of 1.44 MB. However 3.5 inches LS series (Laser Servo) with memory upto 240 MB and 3½-inch HiFD with up to 200 MB capacity introduced in late 90s never came handy because of its price and easy availability of CDs.

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