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Australian cricketers didn’t have enough sex: Coach

Sydney, February 24: Australian cricket coach Tim Nielsen, who is on a long tour to New Zealand, goofed up on the team’s arrival at Wellington Airport on Wednesday by saying that that they haven’t had huge amount of sex during their last two visits.

“To be honest, we haven’t had a huge amount of sex… um, success, the last two times we’ve travelled here,” he said to some muffled guffaws.

Nielsen then continued with forced a smile, and said: “We lost in 2007 and we might have even lost in 2005 so we’re looking to right the ship here on this tour and keep our run going.”

The coach recovered strongly, with no more references to the s-word, then farewelled the TV and radio types with a sheepish grin: “Could you wipe the sex bit, I don’t really want the wife hearing that.”

In Nielsen’s defence, it was a late night clash in Sydney as his side hammered the West Indies in the final Twenty20 match, then an early start to catch the flight to Wellington, so lack of sleep may have been to blame, the NZPA reports.

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