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Bangla skipper kneels in front of BCB president

bangladesh captainIn an embarrasing incident for Bangladesh cricket the Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan was seen kneeling to the Bangladesh Cricket Board President HM Mustafa Kamal.

Shakib was reportedly made to apologise for speaking out of turn in defense of his teammates during a media interaction.

At a function to felicitate the team for its triumphs against the West Indies and Zimbabwe last year, BCB chief AHM Mustafa Kamal couldn’t stop himself from criticising the side’s current form against India. He had questioned the commitment and sense of responsibility of the players after Bangladesh lost in Chittagong.

“(You) have to be more responsible and have to give your best,” Kamal was quoted as saying by ‘The Daily Star’ during the ceremony.

“As a professional, I always want hundred per cent from the players and you have to be habituated with triumph and it will be not acceptable if you go down one day after winning a match the previous day,” he said.

In reply, Shakib said: “No cricketer plays for defeat and we always try to give our best in the field. In order to get consistent success both players and the coaches should work together, no one can win on his own.”

“Everyone should speak responsibly and assist us in our job. We will not win everyday, no one does. But our integrity should not be questioned,” he added.

But a local Bangla daily Kaler Kantho posted a picture of Shakib kneeling in front of Kamal after the function, reportedly to apologise for the comments.

However, it was also reported that the BCB or Bangladesh cricket president Mustafa Kamal threatened Shakib with dire consequences.

The International Cricket Council has a code of ethics and this incident if reported could have serious repercussions for him. According to the code, if an ethics violation is reported to the ICC, an official can be asked for an explanation. If found guilty of a violation on ethical grounds, the official concerned could face expulsion from ICC board meetings.

Shakib captains the state association side which is under Kamal’s purview and the relationship between the two have reportedly hit a low after the team lost the domestic championship last season.

Meanwhile, Shakib was on Sunday criticised by the local media for his outburst at the function. The ‘Daily Star’ said the skipper should have shown some humility.

“The retort by the Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan at last Friday’s bonus-giving ceremony is not becoming of a true sportsman. It lacked humility, one of the prime traits of any person engaged in sports.

“If your integrity was under a question mark, there could have been deductions. There was none. In no paid job, doing your best is enough. Results matter and make the difference. Your limitations is known and understood. Your lack of application (read attitude) is not. Defeat in the hands of India at Chittagong was not painful. Your integrity in trying was,” he wrote.

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