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Gibbs has no regrets for remarks on Pak fans

Johannesburg: Out-of-favour veteran South Africa opener Herschelle Gibbs has no regrets about the “bunch of animals” remark directed towards the Pakistani fans during a Test at Centurion in 2007 but said by no means he was a racist.

In his recently published controversial autobiography, ‘To The Point’, Gibbs wrote that the entire South African team was “irritated” by the unruly behaviour of the Pakistani supporters during that match.

“I think it was a tactic aimed at getting me out of the team rather than them being mortally offended by the ‘racial’ slur. It was a gambit to disrupt the Proteas more than anything else,” he wrote.

“They made a huge noise and even kicked Rashard, my son, and his mom, Liesl, out of their seats when they took over the area next to the pitch entrance that leads up to the changing room.

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