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Govt tapped phones of Minister Sharad Pawar

New Delhi: The UPA government tapped the phone conversation of Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to listen to his conversation with IPL chief Lalit Modi, claims Outlook magazine.

The magazine claims the phones of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and CPI-M general secretary Prakash Karat were also tapped.

The magazine reports NCP chief Pawar’s conversations with Modi were tapped last fortnight in the middle of the IPL controversy.According to the weekly magazine’s report, the recorded conversations allegedly threw up inside details of the deals that were struck in the bidding process for the various IPL teams.

The report says Divijay Singh’s phone was tapped in February 2007 when he was talking to a Punjab Congress leader about candidates for Congress Working Committee elections.

The report says Nitish Kumar’s phone was tapped in October 2007 when he was in Delhi and talking to a colleague on how to get more funds from the centre.

Karat’s phone was tapped in June 2008 to find out his party’s plans regarding the Indo-US nuclear deal.

The report says the UPA government is using new technologies to spy on cellphones, landlines lines and Internet telephony.

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