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‘I want batsmen to think I’m a real mean b******’

London: England’s 6 feet 8 inch fast bowler Steven Finn has said that he wants batsmen around the world to fear him, and not think of him as being too soft.

The 21-year-old said: “I want batsmen to think I’m a real mean b******.”

Finn, who has 24 wickets in five Tests, is being looked at as England’s answer to Aussie legend Glenn McGrath.

McGrath was pleasant off the field but a ruthless, sledging, wicket-taking machine when he crossed the boundary ropes.

And, ahead of Friday’s Npower Second Test against Pakistan at Edgbaston, Finn insists he can act tough on the field.

‘The Sun’ quoted him as saying: “I display a meanness and steely edge with the ball, letting the ball do the talking and asking questions. It’s about me coming across hard, I don’t want to give away runs. My message to batsmen is – you’ll have to try something different because I’m going to be a mean b****** and not let you score runs.”

“That’s my style rather than shouting and getting in the batsman’s face. If you’re all emotional and thinking only about trying to kill the batsman, you’ll lose your control,” he added.

Finn missed England’s mid-season cluster of ODIs to undertake strength and conditioning course. And judging by his 5-78 match figures in the 354-run first Test win over Pakistan, his bowling has not suffered.

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