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Is Randiv is really wrong ?

Dambulla: Sehwag steered India to the 171-run victory target in 34.3 overs. But there was a sore point when Sehwag batting at 99 and India needing just one run for victory struck Suraj Randiv for a huge six over long-off and raised his bat in celebration, only to realise a moment later that it was a big no-ball from the off-spinner and his runs would not be counted.

After the match Sehwag said “It often happens in cricket. When a batsman is on 99 and the scores are level, bowlers try to bowl no-balls and wides. The opposing team do not want you to score 100. They tried their best. Fair enough.”

First ball of last over of India’s innings was a dead ball and gave four byes which levelled the scores. After that Randiv bowled two balls in which Sehwag couldn’t score a run. Then came the controversial no ball, which made Sehwag stuck at 99.

Sehwag could have taken a single in the first two balls not waiting for the bowler to bowl easy ball and do not commit mistakes to reach his Century other than blaming the bowler and opposite team, especially when he knows that opposing team tries to restrict him for not scoring a 100.

Later Sangakkara said that Sehwag deserved that century and he was not aware of that no ball rule.

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  1. LOL…. didn’t you see the spinner bowling a huge no ball !!!!…. and for this he is a criminal…… A spinner bowling a no ball is a criminal in cricket ground…. And if he does it then it shouldn’t be a huge no-ball atleast… Never mind… our winning is the main thing….. and we will come hard again…

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