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Match-fixing: SA reluctant to play Pak

London: Rattled by the match-fixing allegations against some Pakistani players, several South African players have shown their reluctance to play with Pakistan in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

According to a report in Telegraph Sport, several senior South African players are considering to opt out of the October series that includes three Tests, five ODIs and two T20 internationals.

“To say we are reluctant is an understatement,” one senior player told The Daily Telegraph. “Nobody knows what the hell is going in Pakistani cricket and we feel that playing such a high profile series right now – especially in the Middle East – is asking for trouble.

“Maybe it’s time for the ICC to step in, or for Pakistan to withdraw from the international game for a year until the mess can be cleaned up and people can start to believe in the game and develop a bit of trust,” the player said.

The SA Cricketers Association chief executive, Tony Irish, admitted that “many players” had expressed their concerns to him about the tour but was, for the moment, stoically maintaining a diplomatic stance.

“The fact that there are now further incidents under investigation is not good news. This all needs to be dealt with urgently in order to ensure that a heavy cloud of suspicion and doubt doesn’t hang over our series against Pakistan,” Irish said.

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