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New IPL rules a bit confusing: SRK

New Delhi: Dissent over the proposed structure for the fourth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which has reportedly not gone down well with the franchise owners – especially the new ones – over the player-retention issue, was voiced publicly by Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) owner Shahrukh Khan on Tuesday on the social networking site Twitter.

Coming out in open, the KKR boss became the first team owner to admit that he is confused about the new rules. In his tweet, the bollywood star said that it wasn’t a good idea to allow teams to retain up to four players. Rather keeping all the players in Novemmber’s auction pool would have made it an even playing field.

The Bollywood icon tweeted: “New IPL rules a bit confusing. Two new teams added (good). All players should go into pool to make it fair for everyone. Simple and straight.”

“If you have been left confused by the new IPL rules, don’t worry; even the owners aren’t too sure! The issue of player retention is a big bone of contention… A majority of the franchises believe the rule favours two powerful teams,” said Shahrukh in a series of tweets.

On September 5, the IPL Governing Council proposed the new format that even the most keen follower will find hard to follow. As reported by CNN-IBN on August 19, the Governing Council decided that 74 matches will be played from 2011 onwards, and not the 94 games originally planned.

Though the salary cap has been increased to $ 9 million, there are enough indications that the new franchises, among others, could well raise their voices in dissent.

The existing eight franchises have been allowed to retain up to a maximum of four players, with a maximum of three Indians who won’t be put into the auction pool at all. The catch is that franchises will have their budget reduced from the $ 9-million limit for every player retained.

Sources say the new franchisees aren’t too pleased with the decision. They will be offered the right to retain a maximum of four players who haven’t been part of the IPL in any previous seasons, which means they have to pay high fees for players who are yet to prove their mettle in the IPL.

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