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Rajasthan, Punjab axed from the IPL4

Mumbai: In what could be the sternest decisions ever taken by the BCCI, Indian Premier League (IPL) franchisees Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI Punjab have been ruled out of the fourth season of the extravagant event.

The Indian cricket Board, BCCI, had called for an emergency meeting of the IPL Governing Council, to decide the fate of three IPL teams – Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty co-owned Rajasthan Royals, superstar Preity Zinta owned Kings XI Punjab and the newly-formed Kochi team – which are marred by ownership issues.

The teams had been asked to submit the paper regarding the ownership of the teams. BCCI had issued a showcause notice to the teams on September 29 after they failed to comply with the rules governing the franchisers.

The new Kochi franchise had been asked to form a company as soon as possible as the bid had been given to individuals and no legal entity had been incorporated.

While Rajasthan and Punjab have been barred from playing in IPL 4, a further notice has been issued to the Kochi team to submit their papers as soon as possible.

BCCI’s notice to the Kochi team expects it to solve its ownership issues and form a Joint Venture Company at the earliest. The company formed must be in accordance with the IPL Franchise rules.

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