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Read rules: ICC to Dhoni

New Delhi: The International Cricket Council on Wednesday advised MS Dhoni to read the UDRS rules before questioning its implementation as the Indian skipper expressed his disappointment with the use of technology following the controversy surrounding Ian Bell’s decision in the tied World Cup game with England on Sunday.

ICC’s General Manager, Dave Richardson, said Dhoni should be aware of the rules that “assist in making the decision when UDRS is implemented.”

“There are a set of rules along with the hawkeye to assist in making the desicion when UDRS is implemented…Most of the time, a player is not fully aware of all the rules,” said Richardson.

“If MS Dhoni is made aware of the specifications of these rules, then I am sure that he will accept the decision that was made,” he added.

In the post-match conference following the tie with England, the Indian skipper had said, “Adulteration of technology with human thinking is bad.

“That’s why we didn’t get that wicket. Hopefully, next time it will be either technology or human intention,” Dhoni said referring to Bell’s close shave.

“If the Hawkeye says it’s going to hit the stumps, then there is no reason (why an appeal should be turned down),” a miffed Dhoni had remarked.

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