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Sachin to beat Every other Indian on Twitter !

Now Top bollywood celebs are going crazy about their number of followers on Twitter. Once SRK wished that he wanted to beat Shashi Tharoor in number of followers. Shashi Tharoor is the one who have the most number of followers than any other Indian.

Then joins Salman Khan, who got nearly 19,000 followers within 24 hours beating Sharukh Khans record of getting 10,000 followers within first 24 hours.

Now Cricket’s Legend Sachin joined Twitter leaving all other records far behind by getting more than 75,000 within first 24 hours and still counting. It is 4 times to Salman Khan’s record and more than 7 times to SRK’s first day record.

With these awesome figures Sachin proved that, its not only in Cricket but he can create records in Twitter too leaving all other records far behind which is not possible to beat in the near future.

Its not surprising if Sachin crosses SRK, and Shashi Tharoor records within a short period in total number of followers.

One more thing to mention, I took few minutes to write this post, and Sachin got 2000 more followers in these few mins. Keep going Sachin.

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