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Sania will be Shoaib’s Second Wife !!

MA Siddiqui father of Ayesha alleged that Shoaib is still married to his daughter. MA Siddiqui threatened that he would sue Shoaib if he doesn’t issue divorce letter to his daughter, as his daughter can’t re-marry without getting divorced according to the Islamic law.

He added that he would seek a fatwa for the anulment of the nikah if Shoaib doesn’t pay heed.

Siddiqui claimed that the nikah of his daughter with Shoaib was done over the telephone in June 2002, and so they are very much a marriage couple, as they have not got divorced. He added that Ayesha is his first wife and Sania will be his second wife.

He added that he had cheated his daughter. But he is not against Sania’s marriage and wished her well in life.

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