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Sehwag broke Azhar’s 21 years Record

sehwaghmSehwag broke Azhar’s 21 years Record

Thats a long period. ODI cricket became batsman’s cricket in these days. Many of the present Indian batsmen are known for their fast scoring rates. Tendulkar, Sehwag, Dhoni, Yuvraaj and others know very well how to shower boundaries and sixers. Yet no one could break Azhar’s record of 62 balls century that he did back in 1988 against New Zealand. His record was safe even in this time where batsmen dominating ODI cricket till Sehwag took the charge and broke his record yesterday. Sehwag cracked his century in just 60 balls and made India won the series against New Zealand for the first time in New Zealand. It is the Seventh Fastest century in the history of ODI cricket.

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