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Sunanda offers to surrender her stake in Kochi IPL team

New Delhi: Sunanda Pushkar today “voluntarily” offered to surrender her ‘sweat equity’ worth Rs 70 crore in the Kochi IPL franchise in a last ditch attempt to relieve the pressure on her friend, Union Minister Shashi Tharoor.

The 48-year-old business executive, based in Dubai, made the dramatic offer shortly after Tharoor had explained to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh his controversial role in “mentoring” the Kochi franchise.

However, it was said on her behalf she had taken the decision yesterday.

Sunanda said she was shocked to find “certain vested interests” questioning her credentials and because of the “unpleasant publicity” she was opting out.

In a statement to Rendezvous Sports, Sunanda said, “as a woman professional, I am shocked to find how easily certain parties with vested interests, questioned my credentials mainly because I am a woman. I, therefore, voluntarily offer to return to Rendezvous the sweat equity they had offered me.

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