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Tharoor denies pressurising Modi over Kochi IPL franchisee

New Delhi: Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor and IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi spat escalated further with Tharoor denying the allegation made by Modi.

Modi in his email to BCCI chief Shashank Manohar had stated it was Tharoor who called him and instructed him not to reveal identities of the stakeholders of Kochi IPL franchisee.

Tharoor, according to news channels, today denied Modi”s allegation and said: “I deny Modi”s allegation that I called him during his meeting with investors in the Kochi consortium in Bangalore in order to press him not to question the composition of the consortium.”

Tharoor said he had ”enough” of the controversy and went on to deny any monetary interest in the Kochi IPL team.

“I called Modi to ask why he was further delaying the approval of the franchise when all the legal requirements had been fulfilled. Mr. Modi had held up approval by the IPL of the franchisee agreement earlier by insisting on the reversal of a change in the document that he himself had earlier suggested”, Tharoor said

“This change was made, the consortium members flew to Bangalore and met Modi after that night”s IPL game for what they had been told would be a routine exercise. Instead they were submitted to a barrage of questions, which led some to suspect that Modi was seeking a further excuse to delay approval. This was the reason for my intervention with Modi”, he added.

In tweets on Monday, Modi has accused Tharoor of asking him not to investigate who makes up the Rendezvous Sports World group that led the consortium that bought the Kochi team. Modi also revealed the details of the different partners and their stake in the Kochi team.

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